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The 2018 edition is getting ready...

Hello everyone.
We are currently finalizing the registration forms for the 2018 edition.
This year, it will not be 7 runs over 2 days, but, exceptionally, 6 runs of 20 minutes. The price for the weekend will be reduced proportionally.
The purpose of this modification: leave a series of 6 runs for the Benelli and Laverda to celebrate these 2 brands. So, if you have a Benelli or a classic laverda and you want to ride on the track, join the series called Pesaro.
Another great new this year, Friday, July 20, we organize a training course on the track of the Vigean, four qualified instructors will welcome you according to your level (from beginner to confirmed).
Attention, there are only 50 places, so do not hang around to register for this training with friends.
Registration will start on this site from 01 March 00h00.
So see you soon on the track.

Youhou president ...

About the 2017 edition

Here are some pics and blogs about the 2017 edition

If you want a high definition picture shot by Daniele Gomes, get in touch with her via this email address


2016 edition: The 15 years of Trofeo Rosso

23 and July 24, 2016, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our event.

The weather was fine and under the sun at Le Vigeant, nearly 400 people gathered.

Collectors from the nest of the eagle Moto Guzzi, Mandello del Lario close from Secco presented a selection of their finest machines.

As promised, the 1957 V8, emblem of our T-shirt was the appointment, but also lesser known models like the 500 Bicilindrica 1951, a 350 single of 1956 and the fabulous 250 Compressor from 1939.

It has been a treat for the eyes as for the ears!

Read Bernard Devau in Motomag

Our friend Norbz of Troquet treats us to his photos, browse the episodes

Some pictures from a British motorcycle forum

On Facebook Trofeo page you will also find the video of the V8

In 2017, already note the date: 22 and 23 July!

2015 edition of the Trofeo Rosso

On 18 and 19 July, the Trofeo Rosso was very hot at Circuit du Vigeant (86).

Jim REDMAN, six-time World Champion and 6 times TT winner has demonstrated his friendship being with us ; at 84 years, he made a demo of his driving during our TENOR and ZORGA series.

The Paddock has assembled a fine collection of exceptional motorcycles, not only Italian, because this event is not sectarian!

Photo © Mac Twin

2014 edition of Trofeo Rosso

On 19 and 20 July, the Trofeo Rosso went through the drops!

The weather promised to be wet at Circuit du Val de Vienne but incantations were right against the elements. At most we had some showers to refresh the atmosphere of this beautiful event.

This year, fair play drivers competed in a nice friendly and no accidents occurred.

Here's our photo gallery:


2013 edition of Trofeo Rosso

This is a particularly successful event which took place on 27 and 28 July.

Apart from the storm that swept away tents and marquees our paddock on the night of Friday to Saturday, everything went smoothly and we were able to ride with an extremely pleasant weather.

We thank all the drivers which fair play behavior has helped to maintain the usability and safety on the track.

The Laverda Corse team with Piero Laverda himself presented the mythical V6 and offered us a wonderful parade.

Pictures of Michel ALBERO are there :

Frico's photo album

Danièle GOMEZ's pictures

2012 edition of Trofeo Rosso

This edition took place at Circuit du Vigeant on July, the 21th & 22th.

We would like to thank all the staff at Circuit des 2 Arbres for having helped us to have a great week-end on the track.

You will find Michel ALBERO's pictures here:
Here are also Philippe CORRADI's pictures

Edition 2011: The 10th anniversary of Trofeo Rosso

Trofeo Rosso took place on 22, 23 and 24 July 2011 in Le Vigeant.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Trofeo Rosso, the 2011 edition was held over 3 days. This has allowed the pilots to enjoy a little more Circuit du Vigeant .
Improbable weather this weekend , no rain during the day or Saturday night , we did enjoy the driving sessions and festivities.

You will find here the photos on our website.
To those conducted by Daniele Gomes, it is possible to obtain a higher resolution by sending an email to Rémi Gomes specifying the name the file containing the photo you want.

But there are others found here and there:

You can leave a message in the "Guestbook".

It also talks about the Trofeo Rosso 2011 in the press : The Life of the Moto Cafe Racer on August 18 and August 26 .

2010 edition of Trofeo Rosso

Trofeo Rosso was held on 17 and 18 July 2010 in Le Vigeant

This 9th Trofeo Rosso took place in a very nice weather to ride on Saturday and under a very hot sun on Sunday.

The theme of the year was the 50cc which, once will not hurt, took to the track 5 times in the weekend instead of 3 for the delight of their drivers and spectators. We admired dynamic machines exceptional collection. We could also see a replica of MV 500 3 cylinder and a Moto Guzzi Bel successfully engaged in racing classic bikes.

Photos are visible here

To those conducted by Daniele Gomes, it is possible to obtain a higher resolution by sending an email to Rémi Gomes specifying the name the file containing the photo you want.

2009 edition of Trofeo Rosso

Trofeo Rosso happened on July, the 18th and 19th, on Le Vigeant track.

Although weather has disturbed a little bit the evening show, our italian bike meeting has been successful.

We've been able to see mythic racing bikes, like Moto Bel Guzzi, a Moto Guzzi 250 Airone winner in french championship, a 1947 Gilera Saturno, a MV Replica belonging to Jean-Luc Borgetto, and many more...

Year 2009 photos are here :

2008 edition of Trofeo Rosso

The Rosso Trofeo took place on July 19 and 20, on the Vigeant circuit.

He paid tribute to Didier Poncet, the former president of the TR disappeared in October 2007, we miss him ...

You'll find photos of Trofeo Rosso 2007 on those sites :

2007 edition of Trofeo Rosso

The Trofeo Rosso 2007 was held on 21 and 22 July on Circuit du Vigeant.

This year, the main theme was : «special» italian bikes, made of an handmade frame and an italian motor, like Bimota, Egli, Nicco Baker, Segoni, Ghezzi-Brian, Magni, etc...

You'll find photos of Trofeo Rosso 2007 on those sites :